Liquid Audio DJ's - Pricing - Iowa city, IA
Liquid Audio DJ's - Your DJ's for ANY occasion!
Whats your pricing plan?
Every event and venue is different based on numerous variables. That's why we will work with you to build the best sound and lighting package to suite your needs. 

What events can we do?
We can do outdoor audio including wedding ceremonies and wireless instruments,  outdoor concerts, and mobile outdoor DJ'ing. We will do any event were an MC and music is needed. We have done plenty of proms and know how to keep people dancing the night away on a truly special night. We also have done theme party's and rocked the 80's at the IMU (University of Iowa Memorial Union) for a sorority/frat social. 

How short or long will you DJ? 
We require a minimum of 4 hours and will DJ for as long as you need us to. We will setup the hours you will need us for in the contract prior to the event day. 

How far will you drive?
We have made DJ trips to Iowa City and as far north as Charles City. If we have the weekend open, we'll be happy to discuss driving to your location.