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Liquid Audio DJ's - Your DJ's for ANY occasion!
Making sure that your special event has the correct levels of sound and lighting is our job. In order to do this, you have to have some of the best equipment to do it. We add new items to our business all the time and try to stay up with the newest technology's. 

We use Cerwin Vega Intense series speakers with dual 15 in woofers that are powered by QSC amplifiers. We also use concert quality and range Audio Technica wireless microphones. All our lighting is Chauvet (we have Pars, LED lighting, Yoke moving lighting, disco balls, low lying fog machines, industrial bubble machines, accent lighting, and many many more). We can do lighting setups in MANY formats to suit your needs. 

We also have a projector and mobile projector stand that we can use to do slideshows with. If you have any questions as far as what we do offer, please contact us and we'll make sure to bring it along!